Is YOUR student getting enough?

They’re not typical…

 …but they’re not typically autistic either.

No wonder students with Asperger’s are falling through the cracks in so many schools.

TGS teaches the Whole Child…

Does your child’s school teach

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self- Acceptance
  • Self- Accommodation
  • Self- Advocacy
  • Self- Confidence
  • Self- Sufficiencypegs1

 With your help, we’re solving
the square peg problem.



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What makes TGS different?

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  • TGS integrates development of the whole person. We know human development, and we know ASD.
  • TGS’ program planning builds from the inside out, AND from the outside in. We go inside the kids and families to truly understand who they are and what they need. We go outside into the community to see where kids want to go, and what they’ll need to get there.
  • Flexible is our middle name! We are responsive, intuitive, empathetic, and sensitive.
  • TGS is collaborative. We are a catalyst for collaboration throughout the community.
  • TGS’ model is Strengths Based. We build on awarenesses, abilities, and strengths that are already present. We create opportunities for our students to discover new things about themselves.

What does it mean to say that TGS
“Gets It”?

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