Temple Grandin School Mission:

The Temple Grandin School serves exceptional students with Asperger’s Syndrome and similar learning profiles. Our program provides a challenging curriculum, real-world resources and mentors, and integrated social and organizational skills support. Working together with families, our mission is to meet the unique needs of these students in an individualized, strength-based program that builds students’ confidence, knowledge, and perseverance and prepares them to fulfill their potential as effective citizens of the 21st century. Through our collaborative program, TGS will educate the community about the talent, skills and character of its students, and be a catalyst for the development of innovative educational programs that meet the needs of all students.

Jen Wilger at the Austism Society of Boulder County Fundraiser

Jen Wilger at the Austism Society of Boulder County Fundraiser


“The Temple Grandin School is an exciting educational development that will fill an important need in our community. In my practice I have seen many extraordinarily talented students who struggle to succeed in more traditional schools, not because they lack the motivation, but because they need a flexible program that helps them learn to navigate the social world as well as the academic. They also need a strong curriculum that gives them opportunities to move at an accelerated pace to develop their talents.

Founders and Sponsors

Temple Grandin School founders David Hazen (second from left) and Jen Wilger (center) with other ASBC sponsors.

The group of educators who are founding this new school have endeavored to provide this type of enriched experience for talented students with unique social needs. In my experience with them over the years, they have been willing to adapt their methods, increase their knowledge of exceptional children, and provide social interventions to help students thrive and gain confidence. That drive to create a better program and educational experience for talented adolescents with Asperger’s Disorder or other social communication difficulties has led to the founding of the Temple Grandin School. I am looking forward to having a wonderful resource to help these adolescents become fully independent, socially engaged, and successful college students”

Bruce D. Casey, Ph. D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Temple Grandin School history thru 4-19-12