Is Temple Grandin the right school for me?

At Temple Grandin School, we recognize there is no one-size-fits-all approach to education, and we welcome inquiries on behalf of any student who might benefit from our program. We are an inclusive community that values each student’s uniqueness, whether or not they have an identified diagnosis. Our staff works closely with the students and families in our program to create an individualized learning plan that helps students attain the social and academic skills they need to develop their talents. We have thoughtfully designed each aspect of our curriculum to meet the unique needs of students with Asperger Syndrome; however, we recognize that all types of students may benefit from one or more of our program components, including:

  • Small classes with supportive teachers
  • Challenging academic curriculum
  • Integrated social and organizational skills support
  • Real-world learning experiences
  • Personalized learning to support individual passions
  • Strength-based approach to special education support
  • Sensory Processing and Self Regulation Support
  • A “sensory sensitive” school environment.
  • Experienced, supportive staff.
  • Direct instruction in strategies for self-regulation and sensory processing, as needed.
  • Regular opportunities to incorporate sensory diet strategies at school and reflect upon sensory experiences in the community and at home.

Because we are committed to the success of each student in our program, we take time to get to know each applicant during the admissions process, which includes a student/family interview, one to three days shadowing a current TGS student, detailed application, and academic assessment. We use the following criteria to guide us in evaluating potential students. If you have questions about these, please contact David Hazen, Head of School.

Temple Grandin School seeks students (and families) who meet the following social, academic, and behavioral criteria:


  • Desire to join, support, and participate in the Temple Grandin School community
  • Wish to improve themselves, in both their strengths and challenges
  • Benefit from a secondary program that has an emphasis on social skill development


  • Have above average to average intelligence as measured by a standardized assessment
  • Have a decoding and comprehension reading level at or above the 8th grade level (or the student’s current grade, if in middle school)


  • Able to interact positively with peers and adults in the school and community setting
  • Present no significant, current behavior problems that cannot be controlled with verbal intervention

Final admissions decisions are at the discretion of TGS staff, and will consider the individual student’s needs as well as the needs of other members of the TGS community. For the good of all our students and families, we will only accept students we feel we can serve well.

Funding your student’s education:

Providing the best learning environment for your student is challenging under any circumstances. That’s why we do everything we can to help make Temple Grandin School financially affordable for our families.  Please see Tuition/Financial Aid for more information.

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All tuition payments (other than the initial deposit) for TGS go through the FACTS payment system.

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FACTS Tuition Payment Plan