Admission to Temple Grandin School (TGS) is a combination of science and art.  Our process attempts to determine both whether or not TGS has the right resources to meet your student’s needs, and whether or not the current TGS population’s characteristics is a good mix with your student’s strengths and challenges.  This takes a combination of strong scientific, professional and educational knowledge, hard-headed analysis of information and assessments, in-depth knowledge of our current students and staff, and as much information and observation of your student as we can get and, not to be dismissed, intuition.  To achieve a good working/learning environment, TGS has adopted the following admissions procedure.

  • Step 1:  Family gets to know TGS
    • We want to make sure you know all you can about TGS’ program and environment.  Life is full of surprises and we can never know it all up front.  Still, our goal is for there to be as few surprises as possible when your student enrolls at TGS.
    • Ways to do this:
      • Come to an Open House.  These are scheduled every few weeks.  Check out our events calendar for details.
      • Call or email and talk to our Admissions Director.  If it’s helpful we would be glad to set up a meeting to talk in detail about our program and what it’s like to be a student and family at TGS.
      • Observe.  Prospective families are welcome to attend any of our morning meetings, held M-Th from 8:30-8:50.  Advance notice is requested.  It is sometimes possible on some days for parents & students to observe a class or two as well.  (TGS reserves the right to reschedule class visits as needed.)
  • Step 2: TGS gets to know your student.
    • Once you feel like you & your student know what TGS is all about IN GENERAL, we embark on the process of finding out about YOUR student and explore the specific issues of TGS and how it might work with your student’s strengths & challenges.
    • Ways we do this (in order):
      • Family submits the completed application with an application fee of $500, and provides any assessments, IEPs, etc that are available;
      • TGS will provide BRIEF, BASC, DESSA (MS only) & ASRS profiles for families to fill out.
      • Some form of cognitive testing within the last 3 years (provided by parents or former school) is required prior to admission.  This is usually the WISC or equivalent.
      • Some form of academic achievement testing within the last 3 years (provided by parents or former school) is required prior to admission. This is usually the Woodcock Johnson or equivalent.
        • If families need assistance in locating a provider to do the testing, TGS can provide referrals.
      • Family Interview with TGS Support staff.
        • This is usually parents; students are welcome, but open & frank conversation about your student will occur. Parents should decide if this is appropriate for their student.
      • Short Visit
        • 15-45 min of student alone with TGS staff.
      • Full Visit
        • Student comes to TGS at 8:30 for Morning Meeting & generally stays the full day & participates in class.
        • This can be be broken into smaller pieces, 2 half days, etc. depending on student needs.
  • Step Three: Admission decision & Enrollment
    • TGS & families evaluate the above info & experiences and decide if TGS is an appropriate match for the student’s strengths and challenges and family’s needs.
    • Acceptance letter sent out, along with the contract.
    • Sign contract, submit 15% non-refundable deposit
    • Matriculate

Please contact us at for more information. Financial aid is available on a first come, first served basis after a third party financial review.

In order to meet the needs of our current students, Temple Grandin School cannot accept students who:

  • Do not meet the specified academic criteria
    • Many ASD/Asperger’s students exhibit large differentials in skills in different subjects.  TGS takes this into account, but does not have high levels of academic remediation available for severe academic deficiencies.*
  • Need intensive & consistent 1:1 attention to progress in an academic program*
  • Have a significant history of physical or verbal aggression towards others*
  • Are currently using drugs or alcohol

*please consult with us on this if you have questions

Temple Grandin School (TGS) admits students of any race, color, creed or national origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at TGS. TGS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, disability or national origin in the administration of its educational policies, financial aid, or any other programs administered by the school.