“Plus One” Resources

Plus One Program

TGS’ Plus One Program aims to:

  • Provide students on-the-job opportunities to explore career options
  • Teach professional responsibility, expectations, and skills
  • Match students with community mentors who share a passion
  • Ensure graduation credits in all subject areas, including PE and the arts
  • Open up opportunities for students to explore areas of passion or curiosity
  • Advocate for healthy recreational habits that promote social interaction, physical fitness, and/or artistic expression and appreciation.
  • Increase students’ confidence and skills in navigating professional environments
  • Increase college success
  • Provide students access to amazing professionals, networking opportunities, and practice with real world social interactions
  • Provide students with interview skills and practice
  • Provide opportunities for self-reflection
  • Provide self-advocacy and self-determination skills and practice
  • Educate the community about the awesomeness of individuals with ASD.


The Plus-One Program is comprised of three main components:

Friday activities, enrichment experiences, and internships:

  1. Friday Activities:

Each Friday during the course of the school year, students engage in exploratory activities such as theatre, horticulture, horse-care and riding, Renaissance Adventures, and athletic experiences. These activities are for all middle school students and any high school student who is looking for graduation credits, interested in any of the activities, and not otherwise engaged in an enrichment experience or internship.

  1. Enrichment Experiences:

Enrichment experiences increase students’ skill-base in an area of passion or expose students to a new area of interest. These experiences can include shadowing, volunteering, working with a mentor, or participating in a class or community event (such as a community theatre production, team sport, or choral ensemble). When shadowing, students are expected to learn quietly and unobtrusively from the organization/mentor. When volunteering, students are expected to help the organization/mentor through active engagement as appropriate. Enrichment experiences can help students earn credits toward graduation in art, PE, or foreign languages. Both middle and high school students are encouraged to participate in enrichment experiences.

  1. Internships:

Internships provide high school students opportunities to explore career options, learn about their community while contributing to it, and learn professional responsibility, expectations, and skills. Prior to arranging their internship, students are expected to have shadowed or volunteered and given several informational interviews. During the internship, students are expected to fill an authentic need in the organization, give a commitment of time, work with a mentor on-site, document and reflect on their experiences, and share their experiences with the TGS community. TGS students are required to fulfill at least one internship experience before graduating.

If you or your organization provide Educational or Physical Education type services, local or online (or you know one that does), that would be appropriate for our students, please contact us!