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Ryan is a consummate musician.  He is working his way back into the classroom after years of “school trauma”.

Temple visits with students & families at TGS.

Charlie is a superb programmer and avid biker.  TGS is helping him to negotiate his way into life after TGS.

TGS kids, building igloos and friends at the same time.

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Are you “Board Quality?”
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Temple Grandin School is looking for high quality individuals with a passion for what we do, skills and connections to offer, and the time and willingness to help make TGS one of America’s foremost institutions for educating adolescents with Asperger’s Syndrome.  If you are such an individual, or know someone who is,please contact TGS.

What are YOU waiting for?

Dear Friends of Temple Grandin School,

This time of year, it seems we’re all waiting for something.  Waiting for the light to change, so we can hurry on to the next event. Waiting for a parking place, so we can finish shopping.

I’ve been waiting, too.  Not just this year, but for a long, long time.

  • Waiting for a diagnosis.
  • Waiting for therapy appointments.
  • Waiting for Autism Spectrum Disorder awareness to grow.
  • Waiting for programming and professional development to move beyond early childhood and elementary school years to adolescents.

As a parent of an adolescent with Asperger’s Syndrome, most of all I’ve been waiting for an educational program that would acknowledge and develop my son’s strengths.

Now, that waiting is over—and the work just beginning.

Around this time last year, I began working with a dedicated group of educators to develop the program I’d been waiting for—what we now know as Temple Grandin School (TGS). Without waiting or hesitation, we read, studied, observed, and planned. We reached out and found the community full of enthusiastic believers  in our mission who had been waiting for something like TGS to appear.

Together, we are building a compassionate community to nurture and guide the development of these unique students toward independent, socially-engaged adult lives. In just a few short months, since opening our doors for the first time in August, 2011, we have made a significant, positive impact in the lives of our first cohort of students:*

  • “Unlike in my other schools, everyone here is my friend.” – Paige, 9th grade
  • “There’s really a place for you here. If you come here, you’ll feel like you’re a part of a family or you’re part of something bigger.” –Micah, 10th grade
  • “I’m not sure exactly what TGS has done with my son, but the one who comes home every day is so much happier.”—Robbie, parent of 6th grade TGS student

In his newly-published book, Embracing Asperger’s, Richard Bromfield, Ph. D., writes,

“Whatever technologies and discoveries come ahead for the child with Asperger’s, none will ever threaten the basic truth and power that a good and meaningful relationship will hold.”

At Temple Grandin School, we embrace students with Asperger’s from all walks of life. Each student and family is unique, but in every case we make building relationships a deliberate, daily priority.  Now and throughout the year, the best present our students will receive is the steadfast presence of caring adults who accept and understand them.

TGS is currently serving ten students, but we know there are many more who need this supportive environment to realize their potential. We have made a brave start, but we need your support to expand the reach of our program to more families, many of whom are in need of significant financial assistance.

In this season of giving,I ask you to make a contribution to Temple Grandin School. Every donation, no matter what size, will enrich our community. The needs are many; here are a few of our current priorities:

  • $25 provides hands-on science materials for real-world learning
  • $50 provides transportation funding for community outings
  • $100 provides a stipend for a community-based internship mentor
  • $150 provides educational software for engaging our tech-savvy students
  • $300 provides funding for TGS staff to present our program at a national conference
  • $500 provides an eight-week session of horse therapy and related educational activities for a TGS student (provided by our community partner, Medicine Horse Program)

Do you know a student or young adult with Asperger’s? Have they found a community of understanding? Or are they still waiting?

AT TGS, we’re waiting expectantly as we develop our collaborative program into a leading research and training center for the understanding and support of adolescents with Asperger’s. Can we count on your assistance?

TGS kids aren’t waiting anymore.  Many more are still waiting for an opportunity like TGS.  What are YOU waiting for?


Jennifer Wilger

Parent and Executive Director

Temple Grandin School

Published by – Temple Grandin School, 6446 Jay Rd, Boulder, CO 80301   303-554-7363

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