Institutions, Organizations & Schools:

Services Local to Denver/Boulder area

JFK  Partners – a research and teaching facility of the University of Colorado Hospitals

Association for Community Living in Boulder/Broomfield Counties
Advocacy for families with most disabilities, education resources & more.

Autism Society of Boulder (has a link to national ASA)
Information, including a directory of local providers, resources, grants.

CDE’s SpEd Website
various references and resources.

Imagine Behavioral Services
Offers support services to persons with primarily cognitive challenges

Cognitive Testing

Emerge, PC - this is the practice that our school psychology consultant is affiliated with.
Dr. Brian Wolff – on our advisory board, has evaluated several of our current students
Dr. John Kirk – respected pediatric neuropsychologist in Boulder
Dr. David Kalis – accepts most insurance, including Medicaid, also LCSW experienced with complicated caregiver situations

Outside Local Area

Orion  Academy- a secondary school for students with Asperger’s in the Bay Area of California

Landmark College: A college of choice for students with ASD and/or AD/HD.
This site does a good job of updating Aspergers (& Autism) in the news


Summer Camp & Respite grants from Autism Society of Boulder County.


Presentation by TGS Director, Jen Wilger & CU Assist. Prof & TGS Collaborator, Amy Thrasher to a conference entitled: SHIFT IN PERSPECTIVE: from a social skills training approach to a process approach to social communication.



Tony Attwood’s site

The Discovery of Aspie
(Attwood article presenting AS from a strength-based, “discovery” perspective)
Article »

The Dana Foundation:

I signed TGS up to get a free mailed copy of their Brain in the News:
Brain in the News is free monthly publication that reports on the progress made in the field of neuroscience. It features articles from a variety of sources, links to brain-related content on the Web, and an exclusive column from Guy McKhann, professor of neurology and neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University.If you want one of your own, or want to sign up for email newsletters & resources, go to:
For neuroscience and education topics, check out…. all awesome stuff!

Carol Gray’s site (social stories)

Michelle Garcia Winner (social cognition)

OPTIONS: A Handbook of Post-Secondary Education Services for Students with Disabilities

Future Horizons
(publisher of autism resources, sponsor of conferences, they
publish some of Temple’s books)

Autism-Asperger Publishing
(another go-to publisher for ASD resources, next door in Kansas)

Autism-Asperger’s Digest

Disability Scoop A source for developmental disability news, with daily coverage of autism, intellectual disability and more.

“” on the rise of Aspergers in Silicon Valley

OASIS-Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support
Still the go-to comprehensive site for AS after 12+ years; has some (subscription based) listing of local & national resources.

Autism & Asperger Connections Colorado Springs Autism Resource Directory

Temple  Grandin’s Personal Site

Communication Quick Tips: Supporting Crime Victims with Dev & other Disabilities