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There are many ways to support the work of TGS!

It takes a lot of time, talent and money to open and run a special needs school! If you have any of the below items to contribute, the hard-working staff, students and volunteers working on making Temple Grandin School strong and secure really appreciate the help you can give them. TGS is a 501C3, not-for-profit organization. Contributions may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax adviser for details.


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Sponsor a student….

Running (and attending) TGS is not cheap. In order to provide these NEEDED services, TGS staff either volunteer some of their time or have accepted wages 50-70% below what they could make in other places. Core program tuition is $25,000. Although this is about 35% of what many other schools of its type charge, this is a huge burden for families. Many families don’t complete their application to TGS because of the cost, others don’t even begin.  Many of our families attending TGS receive Tuition Assistance. This offset in tuition charged to families is not made up by outside resources, which simply means that TGS has less with which to provide the needed services for its students. We want to change that!!  Our ultimate goal is to remove financial status from consideration as to whether or not a student can attend TGS.

To accomplish this, TGS has begun a program where foundations, organizations, businesses, groups, churches or individuals can sponsor a student attending TGS.

I am pleased that in 2011, the STEPS Foundation became TGS’ FIRST SPONSOR! Thank you!!

Here are the levels of sponsorship we are offering right now:

Full Sponsorship ($25,000): Is the cost of one full tuition for one student at TGS.  It provides 50% Tuition Assistance for two students.

Half Sponsorship ($12,500): Is half the cost of tuition for one student at TGS.  It provides 50% Tuition Assistance for one student.

Quarter Sponsorship ($6250): Is 1/4 the cost of tuition for one student at TGS.  It provides 25% Tuition Assistance for one student).

Tenth Sponsorship ($2500): Is 1/10 the cost of tuition for one student at TGS.  It provides 10% Tuition Assistance for one student.

A Share Sponsor ($250): Share sponsors add up, just like any investment! Every share counts!

There are recognition benefits. Please call TGS for more details.

Got Time / Talent? Volunteer!

Volunteering for TGS offers the opportunity to help bring a one-of-a-kind program that works for kids that have so often been the brunt of bullying and misunderstanding by both peers and school staff and teachers. Please Contact Lea Anne if you are interested in volunteering for TGS.

Here are some of the things volunteers can do:
(but if you have a skill, gift or interest that you think would be helpful to TGS, let us know!):

  • Board members: TGS is looking for quality, committed members of the larger community to help TGS fulfill it’s mission to serve on its Board of Directors.   If you think you have what it takes, ask us for a board application.
  • Volunteers: Assisting in the classroom, leading activities, assisting with field trips, etc.
  • Marketing help (graphic arts, media, website, social networking)
  • Writing articles for submission to media sites & blogging (help us start our own blog!)
  • Monitoring and submitting to the dozens of media web calendars, news sites, postings, blogs
  • Grant writing – help us find and submit grant applications
  • Research – help us develop our resource base: for Asperger’s, funding, student resources, more
  • Connections – if you know someone who knows someone, let them know about us and us about them.
  • Technology – if you have professional technology skill and want to put it to good use, let us know (mac and pc)

Here are some items that TGS needs:

Items for student rewards:
Ideas include: gift cards to Border’s Books, Game Force, Walmart or Target, packs of gum, single-serving wrapped bags of tea, mechanical pencils, pens, small notebooks, protein bars, movie passes, bowling passes, McDonald’s, etc.

Room/cubicle dividers, that go to the floor, and as tall as possible.

Laptops or iPads:
These are integral to work and study at TGS. If you have a new or used, wireless capable, laptop or tablet (PC or Mac) that is working well, please let us know. [Note: we use and support high tech at TGS, but don't have the resources to repair poor equipment. Thanks.]

Digital Projectors:
Any working digital projector will do.

Document Camera:
For science projects, demos, etc.

Software licenses:
MS Office (Mac or PC), Adobe Acrobat or CS suites, Mavis Beacon, classroom management software

Maybe you have items of value that you think might be useful to TGS.  Don’t hesitate to let us know.  We can’t take everything, but you never know what might be helpful.

Thank you for your support!