Join Team TGS!

Join Team TGS!

Our Family & Community Liaison, Lea Anne Paskvalich,

Lea Anne stretches herself to the utmost on the upper slopes of Mt Everest!

is putting together a fast-moving fundraising effort for TGS. She is inviting anyone interested to join her team in running/walking all or part of the Colorado Colfax Marathon. Here is an excerpt from her recent informational email:

People who are runners, joggers, walkers  and “just thinking about it scares me” are all welcome on Team TGS. This Half Marathon event is several months away, so there is plenty of time to train! Make your New Year’s Resolution happen this year and commit to fitness after diving into all those holiday meals.

The time is now to join Team TGS and Lea Anne and feel the goal oriented positive impact you can have on yourself and TGS students. Check out the Team TGS Page where you will find a link to “Join Our Team”. After joining Team TGS, go to the Colorado Colfax Marathon page and register!

Team TGS page:

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