Our Mission

Working together with families, we meet the unique needs of students with Asperger’s in an individualized, strength-based socio-academic program that builds students’ confidence, knowledge, and perseverance and prepares them to fulfill their potential as effective citizens of the 21st century.

Our Core Values:


At TGS, we recognize that change is hard, and growth comes slowly. We persist in our support of students and families, and measure our results over months or years, not days or weeks. We challenge students to chart their own progress, step-by-step, and encourage them to value each accomplishment on their educational journey.


At TGS, we understand the nuances of Asperger’s. We look beyond behavior to understand our students’ concerns and motivations. We respect their learning styles, and through our socio-academic curriculum, we help them develop a respectful understanding of different perspectives.


At TGS, everyone has a place of belonging. We each bring our gifts, and receive acceptance and companionship from others in our learning community. We support and challenge each other as we grow from our strengths to realize our potential.


At TGS, we care deeply for our students and their families. We surround each student with a community of caring that extends far beyond the doors of our school. Our daily interactions extend kindness and compassion to each member of our learning community.


At TGS, we’re better together. We demonstrate the benefits of positive social interaction by our engagement with fellow staff members, students, families and the larger community, resulting in greater opportunities for our students to explore and develop their passions.


At TGS, we know “shift happens.” We are flexible in our use of space, resources, time and talent. Content, schedules, routines and plans are subject to change—daily, if need be—in order to best meet the needs of each and every TGS student.