TGS’ Plus One Program builds on the academic, social and life skills preparation provided to TGS students in the four-day core educational program. The fifth, or “Plus One” day (Friday), provides the opportunity for students to participate in arts, PE, world language, and enrichment activities. Students may also use Friday time to volunteer, intern, or work in their area(s) of interest and practice learned social skills in the community.

TGS’ Plus One Program aims to:

  • Advocate for healthy recreational habits that promote social interaction, physical fitness, and/or artistic expression and appreciation.
  • Open up opportunities for students to explore areas of passion or curiosity.
  • Ensure the opportunity for students to earn graduation credits in all subject areas, including world language, PE and the Arts.
  • Provide self-advocacy and self-determination skills and practice.
  • Educate the community about the positive potential of individuals with ASD.


Plus One Fridays at TGS

Each Friday during the course of the school year, students engage in a rotating selection of exploratory activities designed to build on student interest and spark their curiosity to try new things. These activities are held at TGS, or other community-based sites (transportation provided), and are appropriate for all middle school students and any high school student who is interested.

As an ongoing part of our Friday Plus One activities, TGS collaborates with Boulder Parks & Recreation’s EXPAND program to provide a variety of physical activities appropriate for students of all abilities.

Plus One Outside Activities

Plus One Outside Activities increase students’ skill-base in an area of passion or expose students to a new area of interest. These electives can take the form of participating in a class or community event (such as an art class, community theatre production, team sport, or choral ensemble), working independently or with a tutor, or enrolling in a class to learn a world language. Students may earn credit toward graduation through Plus One Outside Activities.

In order to earn credit, students engaged in Plus One activities outside of school must submit an approved Plus One Outside Activity Plan. Approved activities will demonstrate a connection to the student’s graduation requirements and/or post-secondary objectives.

About our Plus One Providers

TGS engages a diverse group of community-based Plus One activity providers, including city libraries and recreation centers, independent businesses, and individual instructors. We collaborate with families’ existing providers, as well as new individuals or businesses interested in or experienced with our student population. TGS staff will work closely with students, families, and participating providers to ensure appropriate placement for students. To recommend an activity or provider in the Boulder/Denver area, contact