The goal of Behavior Support at TGS is to teach students the skills and strategies they need to be successful, independent learners in TGS’ socio-academic environment. Students in need of behavior services receive support to develop and consistently use appropriate social skills and coping strategies to build relationships with peers. Behavior Support services help students develop a sense of ownership over their behavior, and teach specific self-management skills related to problem solving, appropriate boundaries, emotion regulation, and impulse control.

Behavior support provides the additional support needed to address the behaviors below:

  • personal space violations,
  • excessive interruptions during class,
  • physical and emotional regulation challenges,
  • inability to take breaks as needed to maintain self-regulation,
  • frequent breaks requiring adult support to regain self-regulation and return to class
  • extremely low frustration tolerance,
  • frequent technology misuse and/or internet addiction,
  • frequent verbal or behavioral refusal to follow teacher instructions,
  • frequent refusal to attend or return to class during the school day
  • frequent work avoidance due to anxiety, and
  • need for significant adult support in order to engage in academic work.

Behavioral Support services at TGS are directed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), with limited in-house psychological services provided by licensed professionals.