Counseling Support is intended for students who require and benefit from additional time with support staff in order to sort through social concerns, address feelings or anxieties, and to develop adaptive coping strategies. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy support is used to target adaptive thought patterns, and reduce negative ‘feedback loop’ or black-and-white thinking patterns. Play therapy may be offered in some cases in order to build rapport, allow for role-play in social pragmatics and to build creative coping strategies in a non-threatening therapy setting. Students with diagnosed anxiety, or who require additional emotional support to function independently in the TGS environment, may be recommended for the counseling support services.

The support provided by counselors at TGS is intended to be specific to school situations, in order to address typical school stressors and social concerns. More intensive therapeutic support for family or other out-of-school issues, serious psychiatric issues and for threats to self or others will be referred to an outside therapist.