Word of the Week: Caring – Temple Grandin School

Word of the Week: Caring

Caring is one of our core values at TGS. We speak often of kindness and politeness, and we see many acts of caring at all levels of our community. Here are just a few of the expressions of caring we see at TGS:

  • Sharing your passion for a special interest…or inhibiting to hear about someone else’s.
  • Sitting down next to someone at lunch and starting a friendly conversation.
  • Inviting someone to join your favorite game – or offering to play their favorite.
  • Staying after school until every last student is picked up.
  • Noticing when someone is missing – and sending an email to check up on him or her.
  • Bringing in special treats to share with the whole school community!
  • Spending hours planning transportation assignments so everyone can relax as we go out into the community.
  • Inviting guests to TGS who are truly interested in our students.
  • Taking the time to write narrative reports that capture students’ wholistic school experiences.
  • Driving to TGS every week from CU to engage with our students.
  • Thinking about new ways to approach to students’ challenges throughout the school day, and after dinner, and through the night…
  • Throwing out your agenda to focus on what someone else in our community needs – students, parents, teachers.
  • Going out of your way to make someone else feel comfortable in a situation.
  • Filling a giant bin from bottom to top with holiday treats and pantry staples for those in need, and making sure it’s delivered with smiles!

TGS Cares! Don’t forget to donate to our EFAA food drive!