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Word of the Week: Love

65072_806234576122034_7817318883580231228_nValentine’s Day is here, and I have to confess I’m relieved it didn’t fall on a school day. At TGS, we let it slip quietly by as we busied ourselves with field trips, a parent education night, and the many small daily acts of caring that hold our school community together.

As a parent, I had mixed emotions as my 5th grade daughter prepared what will probably be our last class set of handmade valentines. Since 1999 I have been cutting and pasting sometimes clever, sometimes corny messages of friendship into animal, alien, ninja, and other packages – always accompanied by candy. (Because apparently, Valentine’s Day is now one of the high candy holidays.) Over the years, with my three children, I’ve probably crafted over 600 cards. If you throw in the countless heart-themed projects I supervised as a preschool teacher, my card quotient probably reaches into the thousands. That’s love, folks.

Parenting–and education–is all about small moments, hidden in the basement, creating works of art with scraps of whatever you have on hand. It’s about seeing the beauty in each child’s uniqueness, and cutting away the edges until you reach the heart of that child’s potential. So, this Valentine’s Day, here is a valentine for parents, in celebration of all the little things that go unnoticed. This is love…


Love is making a packing list…for your 20-year-old.

Love is asking for help.

Love is playing Magic. Or Pokemon. Or Minecraft.

Love is trying something new. This can be as small as a food, or as big as a school.

Love is listening to the questions even when you don’t have answers.

Love is stocking the pantry with Mac & Cheese.

Love is watching Star Wars.

Love is driving. And driving. And more driving.

Love is parenting the extra mile – as all of you do, every day.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Parents!

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