Word of the Week – Unexpected – Temple Grandin School

Word of the Week – Unexpected

Happy 2016, friends and family of TGS! Shortly after I last posted in December, we had an unexpected snow day at TGS. Immediately following, we held our first-ever TGS talent show – a delightful afternoon filled with surprising talent and warm accolades for all participants. Sometimes unexpected events bring us joy.

When we started this school year, no one expected we’d be taking a group of TGS students to Washington, DC. And yet, they gathered, they traveled, and they learned. This week, we’ll be greeted with tales of the unexpected as we hear how they adapted to airport security, a hotel fire drill, and getting around on DC public transit. Sometimes unexpected events bring adventure!

While the DC group was away, we had an unexpectedly busy week with the few who remained. I had the unexpected opportunity to take a larger than usual role in preparing end-of-semester grade reports. As I reviewed each student’s progress, I noticed some surprising evidence of growth, and some unexpected observations of continued challenge. The whole experience gave me new insights about the complexity of our work, and the progress our staff have made in really “owning” the program they’re delivering to students. Sometimes unexpected events lead us to deeper reflection.

So as we inch slowly further into 2016, and the second semester of our fifth year as a school, I am resolved not just to expect the unexpected – that’s a given – but to pause and examine each unexpected event. I’ll be looking for joy, adventure, reflection, and opportunity this year. I don’t know yet where or when I’ll find them, but I expect they’ll show up.

Happy New Year, TGS!